The Taste Of Ink...

DUDE"! you only live once...
I Love PUNK'!Ska,Hardcore,DEATHCORE,Indi,Metal...Rock,Regge
I like The Beatles :D Hell Yeah'!! Aleluya

.;) i'm a Zombie Lover ,& anime/Gore:3

And my favorite Band is My chemical Romance, .. & i like too Artic monkeys,The Used ,The strokes,Bring Me The Horizon, The cure,Depeche mode,U2, Bullet for my valentine,A Day To Remember,Th adicts

THE RAMONES HELL YEAH ,& i Dont know what the Fuck but I like The boysband Too..SHINee,super junior,The Wanted ,Big Bang, One Direction Big time Rush HAHAH o.O well Ask my anything if you want:)
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